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Who we are 

393 Airlift Wing is a capacity provider maintaining commercial control over a mixed fleet of mainly Boeing and Airbus aircraft. 

We are proudly homed with Kinetca Aviation in the Republic of Cyprus. We invite you to visit us and enjoy the unique beauty formed by the thousands of years of cultural and societal development in this amazing country. 

Our versatile team is capable of responding to any challenge that it is faced with so that you, the customer, can reap the fruits of your hard work. 

We are able to provide quality service thanks to our dedicated global team and extensive expertise in worldwide air transport. Our one of a kind mixed fleet affords us flexibility in solutions, making us an ideal partner for all your charter flight needs. 

We invite you to work with our experienced team to create custom solutions for your air transport requirements.

Your friends from the 393 Airlift

Most of us like to put a face with the voice, when you contact us, our dedicated professionals would be pleased to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you and to have the 393 Airlift Wing solve your air transport needs. Our customer support team are:

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